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21 questions to ask your match on a dating site before you meet them offline

In the pandemic, people have started to date more online than offline, because of the many restrictions in place. But, it is also true that online dating does not really allow for two persons to get to know each other as well, mainly because they cannot physically read each other’s body language.

How can they then decide if they are really interested in continuing with the conversation? Well, there are many ways, and one of them involves asking a specific set of questions. With things looking up, and vaccination drives happening around the country, you can soon expect to meet your date in person, and before that happens, you can ask them these 21 interesting questions — brought to you by Tinder along with a leading psychologist, couple and relationship expert Matt Davies — to get to know them better. Read on.

1. Describe yourself in a tweet: A good way to help focus on the essentials — what comes to the mind first.

2. Tell me the last three emojis you used: It tells you their prime/go-to/emotional states.

3. What’s something you just don’t understand the hype about? Reveals their character type and their attachment style. Are they an independent thinker?

4. Your 2021/go-to meme? Displays their understanding and attitudes to current events as well as their emotional responsiveness. Are they emotionally receptive and relatable?

5. Who do you reply to first — your mum, friend, or co-worker? Reveals who they are most attached to in their life and inner circle.

6. Work to live or live to work? Shows their view on the meaning of life.

7. Ultimate snack? How does your match indulge? Can they enjoy themselves? Are they a foodie or a health freak?

8. Tell me a secret no one else knows: Challenging openness and ability to be vulnerable. A scary question. How long does your match hesitate?

9. What three words would your closest friend use to describe you? Gives an objective view of your match from an outsider’s perspective.

dating, dating apps, online dating, offline dating, Tinder, interesting questions to ask a date, how to get to know a person better, dating questions, indian express news Find out if the person with whom you have matched on a dating app is even worth your time! (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

10. Soundtrack to your life? Reveals your match’s music taste. How do they see themselves? What is their character type – tragic, romantic, or funny?

11. If you could do anything in life, knowing that you could not fail, what would you do? A great question, helps us to get into the space of fantasy and encourages vulnerability.

12. Who’s your guilty celeb crush? It tells us something about the person, their projections and transference. Reveals what they desire: attributes, qualities and looks.

13. What’s the one embarrassing moment that keeps you up at night? Night time is a time of aloneness, solitude and darkness. This answer will show your match’s innermost feelings.

14. Choose one – Instagram or Netflix: Shows whether your match is an active and engaging person or whether they prefer the sofa and quietude. Are they an introvert or extrovert?

15. Craziest thing on your bucket list? This question opens channels for being human and silly. Also builds tension around the question – ‘am I fun and original?’

16. Early bird or night owl? This is a lifestyle question and will tell you how your match functions. In what environment do they operate best?

17. Biggest ‘Covidiot’ of 2020? This is a loaded question – Is this person on the same page as you? Talking about societal issues can tell whether you align in your thoughts.

18. Who would play me in a movie? It encourages your match to tell you who you remind them of. This is a safe and fun way to say something about the person indirectly.

19. If we weren’t in lockdown, what would we be doing right now? This question brings it back to the here and now. It takes the conversation out of cognitive and affective realms into the behavioural.

20. What gives you the ‘ick’? This shows how your match responds to their gut reaction.

21. What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told to get out of a date? Opportunity to reveal someone’s true colours. Poses the question: ‘what lies will you tell me?’

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