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Google Maps adds real-time bus information for Delhi commuters

Google Maps will be providing Delhi commuters real-time bus information on the app. Google has teamed up with Delhi Transport Ministry, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Delhi, and Lepton Software to add information about bus arrival times for Delhi on Google Maps, making it easier for people to plan their trips.

“The next time you’re planning a trip between Azadpur terminal and Punjabi Bagh Terminal, you can get information about which bus to catch and – more importantly – you’ll see when the next bus is actually arriving at your stop,” Google said in a statement.

Users will also get an estimation of how long their trip is going to take, and if their bus is delayed. Google Transit will automatically update the times in line with the new conditions. Arrival times based on real-time information available are marked in green or red on Google Maps.

This new feature is available on both Android and iOS and is also available in Hindi, so users can navigate the trip in their preferred language. They can change the language in Google Maps settings or within the device language settings.

How to get bus information on Google Maps

Delhi residents that need with the bus services can simply open Google Maps, enter their destination and tap the ‘Go’ icon. Alternatively, users can also tap the ‘Go’ icon and then enter the source and destination.

If not already selected, users can then select the ‘transit’ icon shaped like a little tram to view times, bus numbers, routes and real-time arrival information highlighted in green or red. Tapping on a recommended route lets you view more information on the route’s stops. Users can also tap on a bus to see a listing of all arriving buses, where relevant real-time information is depicted by the green or red beacon.

It is also possible to access real-time bus information by searching for a particular bus stop, tapping its name and its listed bus numbers. You will then see a listing of all buses arriving, with the location-enabled buses displaying their real-time ETA.

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