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Netflix top streaming service in India, 57 percent said they have access to at least one: survey

While 57 percent of Indians have access to at least one streaming service, Netflix was the top streaming service they would use (26 percent), according to a survey by comparison website Finder. The results are based on Google survey done across 18 countries. Finder’s study found that overall nearly 56 percent of respondents have access to at least one streaming service. The survey also looked at three main streaming services which were Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime.

While Netflix was the most popular streaming service across the board, Disney+ came in at number two in the survey. According to Finder, nearly 13.94 percent of respondents said they use Disney+ service , which is currently only available in 11 countries. In contrast, Netflix is available in 190 countries, while Prime Video is present in 200.

In India, Amazon Prime Video was number two with 19 percent respondents voting in its favour, while Disney+Hotstar was number three with 17 percent votes. JioTV was number four in the list at 14.73 percent share and AltBalaji was number five with 3.5 percent share.

Netflix, Netflix India, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Video vs Disney+Hotstar, Netflix price in India, Netflix subscription pricing, Netflix plan price The most popular streaming platforms in India. (Image source: Finder)

In India, more men (58.15 percent) compared to women (55.93 percent) answering the survey said they use a streaming service. Around 26.69 percent of women taking the survey voted for Netflix, while 26.33 percent of men picked it as their  preferred streaming service.

Amazon Prime Video has a slightly higher preference among women at 21 percent compared to 18 percent men. While Disney+Hotstar had a slightly higher percentage of Indian men voting for it at 16.99 percent compared to the 16.53 percent women, JioTV had a much more skewed ratio. Nearly 16.64 percent men voted for JioTV compared to 10 percent women. AltBalaji had 3.56 percent votes from men and 2.75 percent from women.

Netflix, Netflix India, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Video vs Disney+Hotstar, Netflix price in India, Netflix subscription pricing, Netflix plan price Streaming platforms by gender in India. (Image source: Finder)

From an age perspective, Netflix was also the most popular platform across each age group in India. Nearly 24.4 percent of those surveyed in the age bracket of 18-24 preferred the service, while 30.91 percent of 25-34-year-olds also voted for the US streaming giant.

Even in the older groups of 35-44 and 45-54, Netflix enjoyed nearly 25 percent popularity. Meanwhile, Disney+ Hotstar was the most popular streaming service among those aged 55-64, according to the survey.

India also ranks fourteenth in the list countries with access to the top 100 most in-demand series on Netflix as 40 of these most in-demand shows are available for viewing here. Canada was number one in this list.

Among the list of countries surveyed, New Zealand was the top streaming nation with 65.26 percent of respondents saying they use at least one service. Brazil was number two with 64.58 percent of respondents saying they use at least one service and the Irish were number three with 63.24 percent. Nations with fairly low numbers for access to streaming service were Pakistan (44.64 percent) and France (45.21 percent) and Greece (46.81 percent).

It should also be kept in mind that while 26 percent Indians said they use Netflix, among the countries surveyed, this was the lowest percentage. Pakistanis follow a close second from the bottom at 26.60 percent, followed by the Germans with 32.14 percent of respondents saying they stream Netflix.

Finder also notes that India ranks eight out of 18 countries for the percentage of respondents who said they use at least one streaming service. It should be noted that the survey was conducted using a convenience sample of 2430 respondents using Google Surveys, which may bias the results towards those who are more likely to be using the Internet frequently in their past-time and who may also be more likely to have subscriptions to streaming services.

Netflix cost in US dollars in the countries surveyed. (Image via Finder)

While Netflix is considered one of the most expensive streaming services in India, Finder notes that monthly cost of the per top 100 most in-demand series is roughly equivalent to $0.22 in the country, putting it number three in this list. This is based on considering the standard subscription price as $8.80. The SD subscription of Netflix costs Rs 649, while the mobile only costs Rs 199, and the basic plan costs Rs 499. The premium plan costs Rs 799 per month.

According to Finder, the combination of these two factors gives India an overall rank of ninth in terms of cost and comprehensiveness for their country’s Netflix.

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